Jumper x ShoeDazzle x TopKnot

It's odd to me how little this jumper (from Miami's Monc Boutique) has been on the blog because I absolutely love it. Every time I wear it I feel comfortable, and yet put together (my motto!). I strutted it around NYFW; where I was told I was completely on trend, and interviewed purely because of it. (Win!) I think balancing the sleek jumper with a black tube top, and these ShoeDazzle stems, gave me a fun flair and really embraced the 90's-Clueless-Throwback vibe I keep running back to. My earrings, clutch, and heels added a maturity to the playful look. 

As I branch back out into dressing exactly how I feel, it's interesting to see what has changed in my look and what absolutely has not. As much as I fight my hair, that topknot is becoming it's own trademark. I'm not mad about it. In fact these days, I'm not mad about much. Each day that passes I feel more like a woman. And though I may still be a wandering, wondering, big dreams type of woman, I'm still a woman. Some girls have perfect hair all day every day, but I find that exhausting. Admirable and inspiring, but completely exhausting. Kudos to you. I'll be over here with my hairbands.

Get the ShoeDazzle Heels Here! I like them even more with pants!

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***Funny Side Note! J almost broke his head open doing this OOTD photo post. I requested he get up on the bus stop bench for a picture of the clutch, and the bench completely caved. He fell flat on his back several feet down. Luckily the side he fell on was sans beer bottles and rocks. Yikes! Happy One Month Anniversary!