Keepin' It Simple

Fashion is all about fun. But sometimes.. fine, most of the time... I like to keep it simple. There is nothing better than a perfect cotton tee and this one... get ready... is $3.80! WHHATTT! I just ordered 2 more. 

Forever21 has been killing it for me lately. They just had a sale that blew my mind. (I may have gone overboard on my order. We shall see.) It used to be H&M that had hit and miss pieces for me, but whoever the new buyer is for Forever21 is on point. Their quality as gone up, and lately when I have been wearing their pieces, people have asked me "Oh where'd you get that?!", and they are subsquently shocked when I say Forever21. Not to mention they carry my favorite hair brush of all time. Which is also $3.80! (And I have tried many.)


Favorite Tee // AG Jeans 

Crafts & Love Necklace // Boots // Earrings

Screen Shot 2014-01-17 at 12.09.04 AM.png