Life Is A Joke

This Kate Moss tee is a suedo-replacement in my closet. I originally had a Heidi Klum shirt that was deemed too vulgar to wear on the island by my too sweet husband-to-be. So, when I came across this one  at Azul Boutique in Village of Merrick Place, I had to have it. It doesn't hurt that I had just done Deco Drive with Azul so I loved supporting the store. 

It's been a while since graphic tees were in. And I'm NGL. I missed them.  I remember rocking some words and phrases nonstop in the late 90's // early 2000s. Everyone from LAMB to Abercrombie & Fitch was in graphic design madness, and then we nixed it for a few years. Or at least I did. But to me, I feel like the graphic tee went away so that it could be refined. Polished. So that we (I) could learn how to spruce it up. This ElevenParis tee is as comfy as they come; it's got a mustache on it, it's a nod to fashion icon Kate Moss, and it reminds you to live life on the lighter side. Nothing better. Sign me up.


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Other Graphic Tee's I'm Loving!

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