Light Blue Lovin'

It was a light blue mood this weekend heading out for a lazy string of days. We ran the Susan G Komen 5k (I won 1st place in the female 24-29 category! It was shocking to me. I got a medal... I might wear to sleep at night.), had brunch, went to the pool, headed to the beach, and squeezed in some errands. The wonderful thing about Nassau, is that Summer never really ends. We'll miss that desperately when its time to leave. As much as I lust over everyone's coats and boots, I don't know how I'll deal with not living by the sea.

 I have been using all ELF products, since I am still waiting on my Armani foundation to come in, and I'm pretty impressed with their line. How can you complain about make up that works for under $3?! You can't. It's genius. And the absolute best way to fill in the less glamorous days. I'll have to do a post on my favorite finds in my last haul. It was a good one. I'll be a returning customer for sure.