Lilly Comes to TARGET!

There are 100 days until Lilly Pulitzer drops a line for Target. You are going to need all of those days, to mentally prepare. Or at least I need those days to prepare because holy cow I need all of those things. (Video Below!) And the fact that they are releasing everything from clothing to home goods to beauty products... I MEAN COME ON! MY LITTLE HEART CANT TAKE IT!

As excited as I am, Refinery29 pointed out that some people on Twitter are pissed about the collaboration. Can we be real for a second? Those people are a**holes. It's a collaboration. A seasonal pop-up. Lilly is not being exclusively sold at Target forever more. They are releasing fun fresh pieces for the masses. And Target is classy as heck. People. Learn to share. Get over yourselves. Lilly is not rolling in her grave. Her brand is being desired and recognized globally. Glasses and hammocks and maxi dresses and pretty lipsticks. Sign. Me. Up.

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And get yourself ready enjoy all the fun that Target and Lilly are going to be bring you in April.

**Happily sponsered by Shopular!