MAC lips!

A couple weeks ago I wandered into the M.A.C cosmetics store downtown, and this vibrant purple lipstick caught my eye. I've seen the trend for Spring and was nervous about trying it myself, but I knew I couldn't leave the store with out it. I bought the lipstick and put it on immediately. It's not AS purple as you would think. In fact, it's more of a bold purplish pink. Now it's my absolute favorite go-to lip color. The best part about it, is that it is part of M.A.C's Mineral Rich lipstick line, so it feels amazing on your lips and really lets the color soak in. I found that reapplies weren't needed as often as other lipsticks, and when they were it was really just to boost the vibrance and shine, and not as much the color it's self. I was looking on their site to see what other colors they have available since I'm obsessed, and it looks like the Mineral Rich comes in all of my favorite shades. And if you are wondering: Yes, I definitely would pick up a Mineral Rich lipstick over their other lipsticks. Plus it's only $22. Which for a great lipstick isn't that crazy.

The shade I'm currently wearing every day is Bold Spring.

I'm thinking my next one will be Lady at Play.

Quick shot of me wearing Bold Spring with weekend!