Mask-arade // SKIN by Ann Webb

Whole Foods has replaced Target. And maybe even Starbucks. Eh, maybe.

3 mornings a week I head to Whole Foods for my Yerba Mate Soy Latte or my Sea Foam Green drink between jobs. While I wait, I wander. Usually the beauty section. My skin is SO sensitive, it can be a full on struggle sometimes, especially around my flow, but I have found organic skincare to be comforting. Knowing I’m not smearing chemicals and paraffins all over my face makes one less thing I need to worry about. While I LOVE products like Juice Beauty, I have been experimenting with SKIN by Ann Webb. I posted about her Cherry Coffee eye stick earlier, but I recently picked up her White Tea Hydrating Clay Maskand I’m lovin’ it. It’s a light clay mask that doesn’t make your face feel like its going to crack. It plainly calms your face and refreshes your skin.

Jeff and I are flying to Napa tonight, so I figured a pre-plane mask is a perfect idea. And then on the plane I will moisturize to the max to avoid a recycled air pimple. You know what I’m talking about.