Mermaid Maxi Moments

Some days, you just feel like a mermaid.

I bought this dress at a teeny tiny store in Manhattan Beach, CA before moving to Nassau. To my imagination, this was what life would be 24/7... with a pina colada in hand. Backless. Cozy. Chic.

It's getting there.

It's been hard to pry me from my jean shorts, but I'm starting to genuinely fall for maxi dresses. For a while I refused to even wear a tank top because my back broke out so badly, but now that those days are gone, and the sun is it's full glory, I'm loving the warmth on my shoulders. This maxi is making me hunt for even more to live in. 

I usually wear this with sandals. I like the idea of wedges with it too, but I shrunk it. So sandals it is! Haha! I love pairing it with simple gold sanity jewelry as well. Like this necklace from Gorjana. As for makeup, I like to go uber natural with a long dress otherwise I feel completely over done. And even when I want to feel done up, I don't like to feel over done ever.  

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