Miss Monroe

While in the Florida Keys, my Aunt Linda told me about a new boutique that had just opened up down the road. So, being me, we headed right over. In fact, I visited twice in 3 days.

It’s called Miss Monroe, partly in honor of Ms. Marilyn Monroe, and partly for The Keys being Monroe County. It carries Anthropologie and designer clothing at chopped down prices. Being that it’s so lucky to be stocked in this manner, they have a deal that they won’t sell online. So, you’ll just have to head down to Mile Marker 88.5 and look around! A young couple owns it and they are just about the most adorable thing you have ever seen. They met in England, and after years of opening up boutiques for other people, they decided to come to the Keys and open up their own. Genius. They carry everything from clothing to bedding to jewelry and more. Just think a teeny version of the original Anthropologie store. I lucked out and got a dress I had been lusting over for months, on clearance, for $40. It was originally over $300!!

If you’re a local, make sure to ask when they open their boxes. That way you are the first one there to see the goodies!