My Beauty Must Haves

It's been a while since I've chatted about my beauty favorites, but I've had a few questions, and felt like it was time. While my bathroom is budding with products galore, these are my must haves that I never travel with out. (Links and blurbs below!)

What are your beauty favorites?

FromCtoC Beauty Must Haves

 Rodan + Fields Unblemish Regimen: If I was told that I needed to choose just one product for the rest of my life, I would tell you why the Unblemish Regimen counts as one product total and then throw everything else away. I am an open book about my past skin care troubles. When I nannied, I had babies ask about my boo-boo's (pimples), on set's I would lie and say I 'had my period, just use a new foundation, or some new face wash broke me out'. But honestly, I just had troubled skin. (I don' like to say "bad" skin, because my skin wasn't bad, it was just behaving very poorly.) Enter Rodan + Fields and I have had clear skin ever since. It changed my life and made this past year of traveling, blogging, and wedding festivities a breeze. Now I can go out on the boat with zero make-up on, not even tinted moisturizer, and not worry if anyone is snapping a picture. 

Nirvana Black Perfume: I love scents. And I often switch between two or three myself, but they all embrace sage and sandalwood. Obviously when my idols Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen released Nirvana Black & Nirvana White, I needed to get to Sephora immediately and try them. Nirvana White was too sweet for me, but Nirvana Black is a subtle scent that makes me feel polished and unique, while not feeling overbearing. 

 Simbi Hair Ties: Wherever I go, I have multiple hair ties. These Simbi Hair Ties are great because not only do they do their job, they are cute. I don't mind them around my wrist or falling out of my purse; especially when I'm at Zumba class or out on the boat. Target is carrying them in 'Fall' colors as well, so you can get a set in silvers, golds, and black or stick with the bright hues of Summer. 

 Kendra Scott Make Up Bag: I was just gifted this little make-up bag in New York at the Kendra Scott Showroom, and I have to say it's a great one. I used it one night as a clutch with my business cards, lipgloss, and keys. Everyone knows how amazing their jewelry is, but I was stunned by the quality of their accessories bags. So durable and clean. An easy way to bring your favorite products to work, or on a quick trip. I'm a bag within a bag lady, so this hit it on the nose for me.

 KMS Hair Quick Blow Dry: I discovered KMS's Quick Blow Dry Spray in a goodie bag last year, and I am hooked. I lived off that little sample bottle forever, and just finally got a full sized bottle last time I was in Miami. I never blow dry my hair with out it now. AND I'll even spray it in my air dried hair for heat protection in the sun. I don't know if that's how that works. But it doesn't hurt and it's so light weight you don't even know it's on your hair. 

 Hair Brush: Listen, I know we all love the Mason Pearson brush and the Wet brush, but hear me out... my hair gets ridiculously tangled and I am picky about how a brush feels while it is brushing my hair. Once upon a time, I don't remember exactly why, I picked up a Forever21 flat brush and never looked back. I pack a Wet brush in my carry on and out on the boat for emergency snarls, but when I'm fresh out of the shower I use this $3 piece of magic.

  Josie Maran Illuminizer: I have tried a ton of illuminizers and highlighters over the years, but this is my favorite. A lot of people have been asking me about what make-up I am using in certain blog photos, and I guarantee it's because of this Josie Maran Illuminizer. It gives the softest glow, and it has argan oil so it's great for your skin. 

Chanel Foundation: Chanel make-up smells like roses. That's a true fact. Go to the store, and smell it. This Chanel foundation is light and airy and gives me the coverage I need to feel fresh. Living in the heat, you never want a cake face. This foundation is absolutely perfect. Plus who doesn't love using Chanel?

 Josie Maran Cheek Stain: If you can't tell, I love Josie Maran products. I use this cheek satin on my lips just as much as on my cheeks. Maybe even more. It's a perfect dual purpose product that gives you one less thing to  carry in your bag. The color is buildable so you don't need to worry about looking like a clown, and it gives you a natural flushed look.

 Lancome Mascara: Eyelashes are my favorite. I used to get the best lash extensions in the world, but I don't trust anyone on this island or really anyone in the world but Sarah Maxwell to glue anything on to my face. This Lancome Mascara gives me the length I want, but never gets clumpy. I hate clumpy spider lashes. Sephora has samples of this mascara for points all the time, so I grab them when I can to throw in my travel pouch or clutch.