My Last Day at Work… A letter from my heart.

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Today was my last day at work before the big move.

For the past few weeks, I have been full of tears. Saying "goodbye" felt like an awful idea. But today (until writing this), there haven't been nearly as many tears as I thought there would be.

Just gratefulness.

I work with kids. I nanny. And the pain of leaving a child, that feels more like a little brother or sister, is more heart wrenching than I can describe. I have spent years with these kids. Day in and day out, they have been around me for more hours than some of my best friends, and even family. I have shared laughs and tears with them. I watched them learn how to count, read, talk, walk, eat with a spoon, and study for weekly math tests. I have spent over nights with them, kissed their boo-boos, driven them to school, packed their lunches, wiped their noses, and brushed their teeth. They have made the holidays so special for me. And they have taught me so much about life. I am forever indebted to these children. They taught me so much more, and meant so much more to me, than I may ever mean to them. Some of them may forget I existed. And just as I don't really remember my nanny, Gloria, they may never remember my face or my voice. But their smiles, their laughs, their silly words, and their strengths will be in my mind and heart forever. 

At times, I would avoid telling people I nannied. I felt like so many people see nannying as a job that is "less than", and therefore feared they would look at me as "less than", as well.  But now I know, that they just don't know what I know. Nannying is one of the most exhausting, and yet most rewarding jobs in the world. As much as I cursed 5:30am alarm clocks, and 14 hour workdays, my days were filled with laughter, hugs, and love. Unconditional, pure love. No day, and no child was ever the same. And just as I pushed them to learn and grow, they secretly were doing the same thing to me. Hearing "I love you" from these little voices today filled me with so much joy, and sadness.

But the world suddenly felt so beautiful.

As today comes to an end, I walk away knowing these will be the last children I will ever nanny. The next babies I love this much will be my own. (Don't get too excited mom, we have years to go.) I can not wait to see the people they turn into, and the lives that they will lead. I am so proud of them. So, grateful for their influence on me. And I hope somewhere in the back of their minds, they will always hear me cheering them on.  

To all of my babies, I love you forever.