My London Look

I love London. So So Much. It's crisp, and clean, has parks at every turn, amazing beers, pies and mash, nice people, gorgeous landmarks, royalty... it was everything I could've wanted. And more. 

We wanted to move there immediately. I' sure we will at some point, but until then, we can visit. 

I packed for this trip like I was going on a press tour. Seven pairs of heels! Never put on one pair. I tried on a million outfits and had them all ready to go. Got there and lived in Converse and my Frye motorcycle boots for 11 days. We walked all over Europe until we could barely walk any more, and that's when we stopped for drinks. Walk, drink, repeat. 

As much as I dreamed of wearing my Christians in London and Paris, I loved dressing up this casual and comfy look with some subtle sparkle. My mom got me these hoops for my birthday, and I  always feel like they give me a little extra sass. The necklace is Gorjana (another awesome RocksBox find) and it took everything in me not to keep it, but I wanted to see a few pieces before deciding since I bought the Gorjana necklace in the last box. I'll be surfing the site now that we are home. The tote is actually what I had packed my beauty products in, because all on my bags were completely impractical. It makes me laugh. I got it for free at an event last year, and it ended up being my purse for days. The denim is by Current/Elliot. So beyond soft. I wore them for days on end and felt like I could sleep in them if I wanted to. AND Lastly... all I can say is thank goodness for the fact that I got this coat before heading out. It gave me the option to ditch my peacoat on warmer days. Ta-da! The outfit I lived in on our trip!

*Trick for a deep deep V-neck or a a super sheer blouse, think about your under garments! Pretty can be practical, and sometimes having something peek through is sexier than showing all you got. I opted for this teddy in light blue that was a wedding gift. A second little trick with wearing lace under garments, add on the extra silicone nipple covers for added protection... just sayin'. 

I'm working on a guide to Paris and London that I wish I had while we were getting ready for our trip, and I can't wait to share it!