My Make-Up Must Haves… Top 3!

I am a girl who likes to try everything in the make-up store, but Chanel may have changed the game. (Then again, it's Chanel. Of course it's chaining the game.)

I grabbed this Vitalumiere Aqua foundation (#32 Beige Rose) at the duty free store in the airport, and I am obsessed with it. It's water based so, it makes your skin flawless, while remaining lightweight. You look picturesque and,  more importantly, natural. I decided to grab their blush, as well, in 76 Frivole, because, at that point why the hell not, right? It's perfect. The oranges in the blush scared me a bit but, once it's on your face you just look awake and fresh. 

I top all this Chanel off with Pur Minerals Big Blink Mascara. It has Argan oil in it, so it makes your lashes look long and dewy, while moisturizer them. You are actually helping them grow while you wear mascara! AND, big plus for me and my uber dryness, my lashes don't dry out and itch with I wear Pur Minerals. So, I never have flakes of black dusting my cheek bones due to dryness. 

These top 3 products, are front and center on my new vanity (which is still a train wreck because of the move), and I don't see them moving anytime soon!

Make-up must haves: top 3 products

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