New Sexy Maxi

My boyfriend has a semi-annual shopping spree. I never know when it is coming. All the sudden I will come home, or we’ll be running errands, and BOOM he wants to go shopping. In the beginning, I would be shocked by the statement, but now I know it’s probably been 6 months since the last spree. This time he went for shoes. He bought 5 pairs!! Insane. I don’t think I’ve ever bought 5 pairs of shoes at once. So during this, we dropped off some YogaWorks flyers, and stopped in to the Urban Outfitters sale. I found this amazeballs dress (Which, of course, was not on sale.) and the BF said it was a must. It’s a maxi dress that you feel comfy in, but actually a little sexy in at the same time. I wouldn’t be mad if I had to live in it.