New Wifey

I have been waiting months to wear this IYLCouture Wifey Tote bag. In fact, I have the majority of the Wifey line from ILYCouture. I started with the basic wifey t-shirt and then bought the sweatshirt. My mom was nice enough to gift me with the mint tank and the tote. I spent the first two days after the wedding in all Wife-d up gear and loved it. I think the Smitten Kitten tee is next.

Our first few days back on the island came with very little electricity. The power goes out constantly here, especially during the summer, so getting any form of dolled up becomes extremely difficult and useless. J picked me up to run errands, so this Gap throw on maxi worked perfectly. I'm not a fan of wearing bras so the double layering on the dress really thrills me. My bracelets are by Simbi Haiti. A amazing company based purely out of Haiti, with portions of their proceeds providing clean water to the island. Something we take for granted daily. You can buy their hair ties in Target now, but these twill bracelets won't be out until November.