Non Maternity Clothes that just WORK!

95% of the time, I go into my closet and what I pull out no longer fits. I feel like "Fat guy in a little coat" daily. But on the rare occurrence that the item works, I want to kiss the designer for making my life a little easier. Such is the case with these shorts. Non-maternity shorts are a joke at this point. I'm closing in on 6 month pregnant. As my wonderful husband would say, I "look pregnant as shit" lately. But Fran Denim was designed with crossfit in mind so their stretch and comfort level is like no other. 

My friend, Molly, was doing make-up on a crossfit based shoot and was introduced to the company. She told me that the creator and designer, Robert, created Fran Denim when he realized there was a need for jeans that could fit athlete’s larger legs and smaller waists.  Honestly, I can't believe it took this long for someone in the denim world to realize that people are shaped like this.

These are the Barbara shorts and I've been wearing them all weekend. Seriously. Having shorts that are comfortable, and don't kill me waistline, that I won't have to put in some storage box once the baby is born, is basically a miracle.  I have a pair of their Skinny jeans as well and I can't wait to wear them in Miami with the somewhat cooler air. 

There aren't a lot of jeans that I love. I am usually forced to be married to a few select brands. But I think everyone needs a pair of Fran Denim in their wardrobe. Especially if you are active or have kids running around. 

Shirt // Shorts // Necklace // Sandals

24 Week Update:

My sugar cravings have gone way up. mainly chocolate ice cream. I want it every day. I don't think I can keep it in the house with out becoming the size of a house myself. She's moving every day and it's my favorite part of being pregnant by far. Only sad thing... I miss red wine so so much. I know some people indulge in a glass here or there, but I just can't bring myself to do it. So I'm left smelling Jeff's and living on memories for another 16-ish weeks. I have requested a specific bottle of wine be present after labor so I can have a glass. A glass will probably make me wasted since it's been forever, but still...