Olive's Meze Grill


That's really all there is to say about this place.

J and I walked in to Olives Meze  Grill  thinking it was a casual joint, since it's hidden in a strip mall next to a Sbarro pizza. But, No. The Prime Minister was there, and everyone was dressed to the nines. Shame on us.

We decided to go for a few appetizers instead of ordering entrees. They all just looked too good to choose. We figured next time we can grab entrees. We ordered Lamb Kofta, Saganaki, Calamari (breaded in pretzel crumbs and served with this jam that is unreal), and Tuna Tartar.

The Saganaki comes out, just briefly before the others,  and our lovely waiter pours brandy and lemon juice on it and lights it on fire at our table! We can tell this is gonna be fun. Saganaki is Greek Kefalograviera cheese flamed in Metaxa brandy and lemon juice, which is a lot of words for heaven in your mouth. You spread it on to warm pita and cherish life for a moment. The Lamb Kofata came out looking like meatballs sitting pretty in a sauce. pretty much great. The Tuna Tartar was fresh, and served in little chips bowl. 2 perfect portions. 1 for each of us. The Calamari was possibly the best I have ever had, and whatever that jam was that it came with… I'd put it on everything.


We were stunned and so, so excited. This is near our new home?! Yes, please.

Then. Dessert. Salted Caramel and Bourbon ice cream with decaf coffee.

One of my friends' has an ice cream she calls "sex ice cream", because she feels it's better than sex. Well, I'm not sure if she could handle this one. It was unreal.

I can not wait to go back and try an entree.