“Organize Me!” Challenge…


These closets are my dream. I love nothing more than organized spaces, matching hangers, and jars. I drive Jeff nuts. I could spend a million dollars and countless hours at The Container Store. Don’t ask me how I got like this, I have no flippin’ idea. I wanted to send out a quick challenge, for myself and others, to organize something this week. If you commit to something publicly, you are more likely to actually do it. Plus, people feel so much better when their space is clean and organized. Don’t feel like you need to do the whole house or office in a day!! Start with one drawer. One shelf. You will breathe easier, I promise.

I find it’s best to make 3 piles. Keep. Maybe. Gone. I may even make the ‘Gone’ pile into subsections: Goodwill, Trash, Friends. Remember, one persons trash is another persons treasure. You might be bored of that dress, or it may never have fit you exactly right or be your personality no matter how much you willed it, but someone else maybe wear it for the next week straight. Once my piles are done, I put the ‘Keep’ pile away neatly. THEN! I go through the ‘Maybe’ pile. That way I have already seen what I have, and know whats necessary.

Another fun idea is a Trading Party. Once you have you ‘Gone’ and ‘Maybe’ piles, you can invite a few friends over with their piles and swap. Everyone leaves feeling like the shopped and it didn’t cost any money.

You’d be amazed by what’s in your junk drawer. How many random mismatched bra straps you have. How many post office tape roles you’ve hoarded. Once you know what you have, you aren’t just adding to the mess. You can put out the lotion with the least amount in it. Start using what you have!

Feel free to leave a comment saying what you are committing to cleaning out this week. And if you feel really committed, take a before and after photo and upload it to the FromCtoC Facebook page! I would love to be inspired by your work!

Happy Organizing!

OK! Here’s mine!

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