Parisian Picks! #Food

I have been beyond slow at sharing our trip. I know. But it's fun to go over the trip a month later and see how fun and delicious it really was. Sharing the post makes me want all of these amazing dishes again. I wish I had taken even more food photos because I'm a nerd and these are some of our greatest memories. We are food people. We can't help it.  

With the help of my husband, I'm about to recount some of the best food spots in Paris. 

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L'Avant Comptoir (There is 2 or 3 around Paris, we went to the one in Saint Germain): AMAZING! And I'm talking about the tiny hole in the wall next to the restaurant. Tapas are around 3-6 euros and everything is delicious. I dream of the peas and the lime ravioli. Do not leave without having a glass of Les Dimanches (The Sundays) wine. It was my favorite glass of wine in all of Paris. You will be standing and crowded the whole time so it's not the night to wear uncomfortable shoes or a big bag, but it is 100% worth it. The service is great. The wine is incredible. The food is what dreams are made of. GO!

Au Pere Louis: A cozy bar and restaurant  allows for a great glass of wine and some delicious food. We had our first escargot here and it was buttery deliciousness. The waiters are super sweet. And you can make a reservation. We ate our faces off and loved all of it. 

Eggs & Co.: Cute and cozy. This spot is another TEENY TINY one. But the food is awesome. The menu is in french so get your google translate on, but it all looks delicious. Definitely a great spot to go to grab a full breakfast. 

Little Breizh: Communal tables. Delicious crepes. Wine served in a jug. Definitely a great place for a solid crepe. 

Le Pot O'Lait: My husband refers to this as his absolute sanctuary. Our first day in Paris we dropped off laundry at a dry cleaner a few doors door and wandered into this cafe. The staff was BEYOND nice to us and as our first encounter in Paris, we were so grateful. They spoke as much English as they could and their crepes were wonderful. It's just a small cafe, but I have to spread my love because they saved my husband from a brief encounter with Mitral Valve Prolapse. 

Ellsworth: Dark and delicious. My husband refers to this spot as "great food, bad service." Maybe it's just our luck, but we got some awful service here. But the food and wine were worth it. Try the ceviche with corn nuts. Such a good touch. It was one of the fancier restaurants we went to, and the waitress looked like a cartoon. In an awesome way. She has pastel hair and maybe a 16 inch waist. You'll stare. She's gorgeous. 

Laduree: Yes. Yes. Yes. Don't skip this! But if you are on Champs Elysee you can skip the crowded tables and head to the bar in the back. It's hidden behind the massive line of people getting macaroons to go. You'll immediately feel like you are in Ariel's palace under the sea. The food is great. The coffee was wonderful. the macaroons are to die for. The Early Grey macaroon was my favorite, but they are all fantastic. 

La Fourmi: It felt like being back in Silverlake, Los Angeles, CA. Huge charcuterie boards and good wine. A great bar to stop at after heading to the church on the hill. (Sacre Coeur // Definitely go there. It's such a cool view of Paris, a great little walk, and a gorgeous church. But use the Pigalle or Anvers Metro stop to get there. I think we got off at Chateau Rouge. Which was rough.)

Au Petit Suisse: After a long day touring Normandy, this was a perfect little spot for some classic food. The mousse looked amazing, but they ran out before I could order it. So try it for me and let me know how it goes. Plus it was open late. Which was a plus after a tour. 

Cheese in the Park: No this is not a restaurant, but it's possibly my best recommendation. Head to Monoprix (it's like French Target) grab some cheese, wine, and a baguette and head to the park. You'll want to see my list on things to have in your bag... including the plastic wine glasses, cheap butter knife, and a wine screw for this exact moment. You'll want to do this activity as much as possible. 

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