Pasadena Rose Bowl

Don’t ask me why it’s taken me 7 years to get to the Pasadena Rose Bowl market.( The answer is: I have no idea!!!) It’s everything I love. Shopping, sunshine, hunting for treasure, craftsman furniture, and happiness. I will be visiting every month from now on, and desperately wanting to redo our entire apartment over and over again. (I’m sure J is thrilled!) I lusted after a ton of things, but only spent $40!! (Oh hay, self control!) I plan on taking my soon-to-be niece when she visits us in October. She’s going to LOVE it.

The wine rack coffee table is right up our alley, and I’m still thinking of purchasing that baby and/or the ampersand light in October. I decided to only purchase three little porcelain fish (they reminded me of my mom, me, and sister), an 80′s map of LA (that actually has our street names on it!), and a cobalt blue beaded necklace (it’s brighter in real life). I’m obsessed with plain white tees and jeans, so I figured a pop of color never hurt anyone.