Holiday Photo Ready Makeup Favorites!

I am all about a simple look. I don't like to do a lot of fussing with my makeup, and when I do I usually look like a clown. I would never deem myself uber talented with makeup, but I am slowly figuring out what works for me and what products I love. For me, it's all about classic looks, gentle smokey eyes, and big natural lashes. For the holidays I will throw on a bit of sparkle or a bold red lip. One New Years Eve (aka my birthday) a few years ago, I went all out and did a major smokey eye, glitter, false lashes, and red lips, and when I look at those photos I cringe. Just like anything else, think of the look you want and then consider taking off one thing. 

Photos are the part about holidays that make us all cringe. You want to feel confident and stylish, yet not over done. The key is to think of how you'll feel about the look when you are flipping through an album, or Facebook, a few years from now. More important than the sparkly dress (which is VERY important) think of the timeless look you'll want on your face. Stick to something tried and true. 

Here are my picks for the perfect holiday shine!

 Butter Eye Liner // They're Real Mascara // Bare Minerals Powder Foundation

 Tarte Lip Tint // Bobbi Brown Metallic Shadow in Champagne Quartz // Armani Foundation