PopSugar Must Haves: September

I know! I know! I am super late on the box thing. But I live on an island, and it's a miracle it even gets to me. this box was pretty great. Every month I say Im going to cancel, but then I get the box and can't wait to see what's in it the next month. It's gives me a little bit of surprise and birthday feeling fun all year round. 

Out of all the boxes, PopSugar Must Haves has been my favorite so fair. I have cancelled other monthly subscription because over time I have found them useless and junky. Getting stuff I'll never use. I use ALL of my Must Haves. PopSugar sends me high quality products that I actually want to try. They have added fun details to my life and I am big fan. 

The September PopSugar Box included: $20 toward a Nike Sports Bra. A Tilo Scarf. An Urban Remedy Organic Snack Bar with a $10 off any purchase gift card. Oribe Superfine Purse Hairspray. Rifle Co. Assorted Girls Greeting Card set. Design C Arrow Pencils and Pencil Sharpener. and Nicole Miller Stereo Earbuds

Overall I think it was a great box. My earbuds are cobalt blue, and I just feel like you can never have enough of those in your house or car. It's always when I need some that I can't find any or hey are broken. The pencils and note cards could spruce up any desk, and would make a great way to gift someone a gift card over the upcoming holidays! Tying one of these adorable pencils to one of these adorable notecards, would make wrapping easy for anyone. Oribe is a FAVORITE of mine. I was introduced to their products at the 901 Salon in Los Angeles. Their texturizing spray is a staple for me. The Urban Remedy snack bar was pretty good. It tasted healthy, but It definitely replaced me munching on a bunch of junk food while writing this! I'm already picking out a Nike Sports Bra since I got my box yesterday, and this Tilo scarf is a dream! I believe I'll be heading to New York in a few weeks, and I can't wait to put it to use! I might just hold off and get ooonnnneee mooorrreee box. Can't hurt right?

Photo C/O PopSugar's Website.

Photo C/O PopSugar's Website.