Pressed Juicery

Jeff and I aren’t exactly health nuts. We try. I do a good amount of yoga. Jeff runs. We avoid soda and candy, but we have an aching for Starbucks Vanilla Soy lattes. Only 2 pumps of Vanilla. So, when Jeff said he was open to the idea of juicing for a day (normally its 3-5 days). I hopped on board right away. I normally do these “juice days” by myself in an effort to jump start my healthy habits, and really to pretend I’m healthier than I am, so having a buddy sounded like a dream. I chose Pressed Juicery for a few reasons. 1) It’s as fresh as you can get without juicing the veggies yourself. 2) It’s cheaper than most of it’s competitors. About half the price of the Blue Print Cleanse*. 3) It gives you options. I’m a girl who likes options. You drink 8 drinks a day, instead of the usual 6. A Greens, A Roots, A Citrus, A Greens, A Roots, An Almond Milk, and then Chlorophyll and an Aloe drink before bedtime. NGL, the 2 before bed scare me because I never drink anything before bed, in fear that I’ll wake up all night to have to pee. You get to pick, out of 4 choices each, which Roots, Greens, and Citrus you would like for you cleanse. So, mine and Jeff’s are different. And if you are really really fancy, they’ll deliver to your door. Given that it’ in the same city as me, I picked it up.

I did Greens 3, Roots 3, and Citrus 2.

Jeff did Greens 2, Roots 4, and Citrus 2.

11am: We are late risers on Saturdays. It took me years to get Jeff to agree to this. First drink is a Greens. I like mine a lot but we both agree that Jeff’s Greens 2 is better. But we love the taste of the juices, so maybe this won’t be a long day!!

1pm: I love my Roots 3. I’m not a fan of Carrot juice. I’m so grateful they gave me an option to avoid it. Jeff isn’t a huge fan of his Roots 4. He has decided he will be angry tonight. I’m fine, but I slept in super late. Probably, to avoid thinking about that fact that I’m not eating. Jeff has decided that he likes the taste of the juice, but that he would rather incorporate the veggies drinks into his day to add health factors, rather than this full speed no eating thing.

3pm: So far, we aren’t dying. I keep telling Jeff that “it’s only a day”. Most people in LA juice for days, if not full weeks, or even longer. Plus it’s pounds over pounds of veggies in each glass, so, our bodies are fine. It’s only our minds and our desire to chew, that’s pissing us off. I have ban all cooking shows from the house for the day. Jeff has already decided that he is having a breakfast burrito tomorrow morning. I wish I bought myself enough juices for tomorrow morning so I could decide if I would like to continue.

5pm: Citrus is easy. Tastes a little like a beach cocktail. I wouldn’t mind adding some Rum at this point. Jeff’s eh about it. But I think his is “eh” about everything at this point. I never noticed how many food commercials are on TV. We go for a walk, not too far from a bathroom, I need to pee every 10 minutes.

7pm: Ok. Ok. We are almost through the day. Jeff is torturing himself by checking his favoritefoodtruck‘s status. They are down the street. That was a terrible idea. But we’ve committed and bailing at this point would be a waste of money and pain. He claims he is dying and says that at 9pm we will decide if we should say “F this, we are going to get a ‘Garbage Plate’.” Go big or go home?

9pm: Almond milk. Way better than Blue Print Cleanse’s but still not satisfying. I’m full but my head hurts. I drink more water. We watch The Hunger Games. I mean, it’s better watching Katniss hungry than another one of those Alyssa Milano starving children commercials. We feel so guilty when we see those.

11pm: Last drinks! Chlorophyll and Aloe water. We can barely get them down, we are so full from the Almond Milk. It takes us a while and, even though they are basically water, we fight (and peer pressure each other) to finish both bottles.

Overnight: I get up to pee, and I mean pee (sorry for the TMI), several times during the night. Jeff doesn’t seem phased.

Sunday Morning: We both woke up totally fine. Not hungry. I maybe could have struggled through another day, but instead we go for a walk down the street for Breakfast Burritos and coffee. Coffee was a TERRIBLE idea. Do NOT drink coffee after a cleanse. I felt like a crazy person all day and didn’t sleep at all that night.

All in all, it was fine. We were totally dramatic, and I wouldn’t want to do a cleanse with any one but Jeff. Some how we laughed through the day instead of killing each other. I love the idea of making the Greens and Roots drink a staple so that I gain some of the digestive and glam (hair and skin) benefits from it, but I don’t see us doing another “juice day” any time soon.

My hats are off to those who do it for several days at a time.

(Don’t I look thrilled? This is about 7:50pm)*BPC is a great way for people to pick up their cleanse at limited Whole Foods. They are $9-11 a bottle, which is outrageous to me.