Pretty in Pinks...

I mean, Holy Shit. This Gwen Stefani September Bazaar cover is going to have ladies in lipstick all fall. I don’t think there’s a person out there, that saw that Terry Richardson/ Gwen Stefani cover, and didn’t think “perfection”. It’s absolutely stunning. So, in awe of it, I thought I shared a few of my favorite pink lipsticks. I hope everything has candy cotton lips all year round. Delicious.

Pretty in Pinks

Chanel lip gloss

Just enough for the perfect girlie sparkle without the Tween lipgloss over kill.

Urban Decay

My daytime go to. I saw this on The View, bought it for me and a girlfriend that day, and it stays in my wallet for those “Just In Case” moments.

MAC Cosmetics- Nicki Minaj’s Viva Glam!

The real “Super Bass” of Pink lipsticks. This stuff is not for the meek. But every once in a while a girl needs to have that pow.