Rainy Day Favorites

While the weather it's getting colder, it's getting rainy here. (Well, raining more often.) Growing up in Miami with 90 degree winters my mother always created the seasons for us. I have an extremely vivid memory of getting caught in the pouring rain, riding bicycles around the neighborhood. My dad came and picked me, my mom, and my sister up and brought us home. My mom immediately put me in the bath, and put hot chocolate on the stove. Now whenever I'm feeling particularly down, or really want to feel extra homey, I put on hot chocolate. Starbucks has a Salted Caramel Hot Chocolate that is my absolute favorite. It comes in packets, just needing you to add steamed milk and/or water. So good.

Curled up with my hot chocolate under a great blanket, with candles going, an old chick flick on (just so happens Target has a duo-pack of my absolute favorites!), and the rain hitting the windows is just amazing. Sure I love running around on the beach, but nothing feels like home more than these rainy days. 

What are your rainy day favorites?