Reverse French Manicure

For as long as I can remember, I used to bite my nails. But now that I’ve finally chucked the habit, I’ve been getting slightly more adventurous with my nails. I’ve tried the serious glitter but, after seeing this on Pinterest a million times, I finally decided to try the Reverse French. My mom thinks it’s a little weird but I have been loving it. It’s feels classic, with a bit of fun.

Since I am incapable of doing my own nails with out looking like I was finger painting, I went toBellagio Nails in Marina Del Rey. The girl was super sweet and willing to try any design I showed her. My nails took over an hour because I asked to do it with Gel polish. But Gel is always worth the extra time.

(I only use CND or Gelish. OPI’s gel is awful for your nails.These colors are by CND.)

Inspiration pic: