Road Trip Part 2 (Finally!): Yosemite, Oakdale, San Francisco

Finally! Here is part 2 of our road trip!

Sorry it took so long. The island has taken me in. (I'm liking it a lot!) 

I decided to include a few more photos Yosemite. The key from The Ahwahnee was pretty sweet. It reminded me of The Hunger Games. The hotel was stunning, but pretty old. The rooms were spacious, and the balconies were amazing for a dream sunset, but I wouldn't call the place "modernized". Doesn't matter, the restaurant food, location, and two lobby fireplaces make up for anything that could go wrong. It's incredibly cozy. Also! and this is about to sound ridiculous, but the whole milk there is pretty amazing. They have complimentary coffee and hot chocolate for guests in the morning, drink it. Trust me. We were upgraded to The Ahwahnee from Yosemite Lodge because of the high wind warnings, but here's a little trick. Apparently, if you book at Yosemite Lodge, and call on your way up, they might be able to upgrade you toThe Ahwahnee for a minimal fee. Also note, the Yosemite Lodge does not have air conditioning. Good tip for the Summer months. Eek.

From Yosemite we headed out to our next stop Healdsburg, CA. Along the way we needed lunch, and stop in Oakdale, CA. It's a tiny town where we stopped at a local diner. After a few corn dogs and milkshakes we passed this incredible little Cheese Stop. It's owned by a little couple that missed their native Gouda cheese so much, they decided to just make it. It was like visiting 1990, and we loved it. The demo video was played on a little VHS, while we watched the man actually putting the wax over the Gouda after it had been smoked. It was amazing. Of course, we bought more cheese than any human needs. Oh yeah, and they had a Llama just chilling outside of their house. NBD.

From there, we needed to swing past San Francisco in order to drive up to wine country. Fortunately for us, we missed our exit, and ended up on Treasure Island. The old Navy base actually has a little flea market that takes place the last weekend of every month (Except in December.) There's also a handful of wine tasting rooms! We went to The Winery, which was great. It's industrial, with bistro lights, and great wine. I suggest everyone stops in!

Here are a few pictures from of this leg of the road trip. I promise it won't take as long to upload the next leg.