Sea Shells and Sweaters

It's hitting that time where every day is a beach day. 

The other day, Jeff got off work before the sun went down, so we decided to head to the beach downstairs and soak up the last bits of sunshine. The wind was heading in so I grabbed this old BCBGeneration "sweater" on our way out. I don't usually wear jewelry to the beach, but I had been in a sundress, and decided to just leave them on. It felt kind of fancy to wear necklaces with my bathing suit! Only practical for reading on the beach, definitely not a boat day, but it was fun all the same. If you saw my instagram, while we were hanging out and taking pictures, a gentleman found a live conch! It was so gorgeous. He called us over to take a picture of it. If you are out there sir, thanks for sharing that! We loved it!

This beach is called Sandyport. We don't use it that much on the weekends because it gets crowded, but its about 100 steps from our door. So we head down when we want to just take in the island. We feel pretty lucky to live in a place where this is the view from our gym. It won't last forever. Short, but sweet for certain...

This L*Space wrap top was a gift from my mom for Christmas, and the bottoms are from an old H&M suit. The top of the H&M suit is entirely too small on me now. Honestly Im not sure it was ever appropriate. But I do love the bottoms. Flamingos used to run wild all over the Bahamas, but the rumor is that they were eaten as if they were chickens. I guess that makes sense. Not sure if it's true. 

The necklaces are Lilli & Tori and BaubleBar. The heart beat Lillie & Tori necklace is pretty special. My sister gave it to me and I couldn't help but cry when I opened the box. I had heart problems in my early twenties, and went through a few surgeries to fix it. Being healthy for the last 6.5 years has been a huge blessing in my life. Wearing it reminds me of that. I love their site. Go check it out!