Sexpot Swimwear

Confession. I went years without owning a pair of shorts. I remember crying when I bought a jean skirt in college out of pure anxiety. I grew up in Miami, FL and was/am as white as white can be. Kids being kids, several people made comments. Even boyfriends called me Casper or told me how much prettier I would be with a tan. Asking me why I forgot to wear clothing when I would wear white shirts to school. It made me wholly uncomfortable, but not depressed or anything extreme. Just overly aware of my body. I remember doing a Latina Teen Vogue spread when I was about 17 and could barely breathe when the wardrobe room was full of teeny bikinis by JLo.

And now I live in The Bahamas. Spending everyday in shorts and bathing suits. Finally thinking nothing of it. Shedding that mental junk has been a process, but the most freeing experience. It took me my entire adolescent life to learn that none of those words meant anything. The people who said them most likely forgot them by the end of the day and so should you. 

In the last few months, life has pushed me to a self love that I wasn't sure I would ever reach. I'm a self-sabotage-er, a pleaser, a worrier. I cast myself out of the role in so many aspects of my life. Or at least I did. Through tragedy and triumph, I have finally decided that I am worth so much more than that. Not that I think I'm the best thing since sliced bread... I just want to enjoy life so much more than living with noise. From the little girl that feared a bikini to the woman that feels comfortable in my skin, I just want to spread that self love before Spring and Summer approach. Love your skin. Love your body. It's perfect exactly how it is.

 To be honest... this post was so much fun to do. I love sharing pieces of the island with you and while a blizzard is going on in the North East, I figured some of your minds would love to escape to sandy dreams. This Sexpot Swimwear suit fits like a glove. It's so secure. No tugging or pulling at it. Which is perfect for our boat life. I felt sporty and sexy all at the same time. You have to check out their site. Sexpot pays close attention to a woman's curves. A great bikini motivates you in the gym and then makes you feel like all your hard work paid off. I am a definite fan. I want to try their Gardner One Piece next!

Welcome to Nirvana Love Beach my ladybugs.

Sexpot Swimwear Hayek Top (c/o) // Sexpot Swimwear Bardot Bottom (c/o)// Alex & Ani Bracelets