Shades of Blue

I am a huge fan of the sundress. Living in warm weather means you want as little fuss as possible. I got this sundress a while ago, and it's so popular that it's still on the Forever21 site. (You know how I love Forever21, even though I debate if I'm outgrowing the demographic.)

I've worn it with green strappy heels and a series of different sandals. It makes me happy when a dress is up for anything. 

It's perfect for just throwing it on and heading to lunch or brunch, or wearing it on a casual night night where you don't want to worry about sucking it in all night. The double layers makes it easy to feel breezy, and not have to worry about what color your underwear it. Ladies, you know what I'm talking about!

These photos are from a day that J and I decided to go grab lunch downtown. He bought me these Rebecca Minkoff jelly sandals for my birthday and I have been wearing them with everything. (I'm crushing on them in the new pastel colors now.) I think he gets a small kick out of buying me something I actually love to wear regularly. Now if I could just deiced wha the heck to do with my hair. I desperately want my 21 year old Mermaid hair back, but it's time for a touch up for sure. 

Sunglasses c/o Fantas-eyes