Simple Things Bring Infinite Pleasure.

“Simple things bring infinite pleasure. Yet, it takes us a while to realize that. But once simple is in, complex it out - forever.” 
― Joan F. Marques

I talk about my skin care a lot. And here's a simple secret... When I come home and want to get the junk off my face, I use Simple Micellar Water. Why? Well, here's why. I pay good money for most of my skincare, and it's awesome, but I prep for that. Simple Micellar Water takes everything off my face so that it's a clean palette to work with. And it's as gentle as water so it isn't putting my skin through another step. I even packed a small bottle in my carry on to wipe my face at the airport before and after my international flight. Since it isn't a traditional wash, you just need to wipe your face and you are done. It's genius. We will be doing a little boat camping trip this summer, and I will be packing this for sure!

So, exactly what is Micellar Water? Well, from some research, the name apparently comes from the word micelles, which has to do with tiny round balls of cleansing molecules that float in the water. Like super duper tiny. It's not a toner or a face wash, and it feels like water.

A breakdown of the simple goodness that is in Simple Micellar Water:

Triple Purified Water: Our purest possible water to minimize potential for irritation from particles or contaminants that can irritate skin.
Vitamin B3: Known to restore, soften and smooth skin.
Vitamin C: An antioxidant known to soothe skin.

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*So happy to work with Simple and Wal-Mart to bring you this post!