Sittin' On The Dock... Thinking Out Loud.

Every time I get fed up with "Island Life", I see this water and go, "Maybe I could do a few more years." It looks like paradise. I agree. Waters like this heal your soul in a place you didn't know you needed healing. The slow life style forces you to enjoy the moments and the people more than the things. (Or tings, as they say here.) Sure, grocery shopping is a nightmare. Mail is a whole situation that often involves me waiting weeks for something, or spending 3 days tracking down a package. I would die for a Target. A CVS. An anything really. You learn that power and water can go off at any time, probably daily, and it becomes a little game against the clock.  You learn that lunch will take 2 hours for a sandwich. And you learn to chill the F out. 

Last weekend, I didn't have power for 10 hours on Friday, 11 hours on Saturday, and some of my friends even lost power for 5 hours on Sunday. You would think that would make our skin crawl. (We complained a lot. We aren't saints.) But instead, everyone got together for dinner. Cooked chilli on a gas stove, poured a drink, and chatted all day. My mom said, "You're handling this really well." and all I could say back was, "There's no other choice." When you are left with no other choice than to go with the flow, you learn to do more than that and really soak it up. 

Life is challenging. It's frustrating. It should push you. If it's not, you are doing it wrong.

Never did I think that on the way to the grocery store, my husband and I would stop on the side of the road and snap photos for a blog. Never in a million years did I even consider having beach babies one day. Even though I was one myself. Never did I think I would be more than 30 minutes from a Nordstrom. But I am SO glad that I'm having this experience. I'm so happy that life has pushed me to find more in myself. And I am so happy to have made the friends that I have made on this tiny island. 

Usually, it's all clothes and shoes. But those clothes and shoes are worn in my life experiences.  Whether I'm in heels enjoying Mahogany House or a bikini soaking up the sun, these are the feelings underneath it all. 

I just wanted to say... Thanks for sharing this time with me. 

PS The power just went out again. :)

Shorts // Tee // Flats

**PS These are one of my absolute favorite pairs of shoes and they are under $20!