So, the other day I ordered a few Classix fromSIXTWENTY. I knew I had heard the name several times, but I couldn't figure out where. 

Today I signed on to their website and found the answer. One of my best friends, Ms Jazzi McG, just designed the coolest shirt ever for them. It's an Exclusive for them, but a staple in my opinion. She first told me about it when we were at aWi Korean Spaback in LA. And the idea sounded amazing. I couldn't believe it wasn't a common design. 

Leave it to Jazzi!

She designed a cozy, classic, white t-shirt bodysuit! It's perfect for those skirts and pants that you want a loose white tee tucked in to, but then you finally achieve the perfect "tuck", and immediately have to use the bathroom. Imma Right, Ladies?!

Well, look no farther. Get the  Jazzi McG SIXTWENTY crew neck body suit here. Now.

PS How stunning is she?! I could cry I'm so proud.