Smile Your Way Into 2015 with FromCtoC and Smile Brilliant!

I am beyond excited to tell you guys what I have had up my sleeve! I'm partnering with Smile Brilliant to bring you one of my favorite giveaways of the year just in time to ring out 2014. We are giving away a full Teeth Whitening System! One that genuinely works and is made just for you!

A little while ago I teamed up with Smile Brilliant and made my way through their whitening process. First Smile Brilliant sends you a kit to make a mold of your teeth. This only takes a few minutes, and then you send it right back to them. Then they mail you your own personal whitening trays made just for you. (They even send you the molds of your teeth back too, which is pretty interesting to see!) These trays are a soft rubber that snap comfortably on to your teeth. leaving no gaps. It's incredible. I've never had Invisalign, but I imagine this is what it's like. All I could think of is when I was in elementary school, we would put the plastic strips in our mouth to pretend to have braces. It's like that but really comfortable. 

I have tried drugstore kits before, and while I feel I have white teeth, I never felt like this. As a regular coffee drinking, Smile Brilliant is saving my teeth.

Just click HERE to head over to Smile Brilliant and enter your email address to win.

Seriously, it's that easy!

The contest will award you with a store credit to get the kit of your choosing, but this is the set I'm using in case you just want to buy it now. 

Here are a few photos from the process. Each syringe contains 3 treatments, and you don't need much to feel the change taking place. I skipped days in between whitening because I have super sensitive teeth, but my teeth are whiter than ever now. (And I still have gel left over to whiten after a night of drinking too much red wine.)

I added a little no edit selfie to show you how these babies are shining!