Splendid Swimsuit

I’m picky, picky, picky about bathing suits. I have a big JLo booty and new A- cup boobs thanks to old age. So, sets don’t fit me. In fact, I had to return that adorable coral bikini that I put in my first post because, as my boyfriend put it, “the Brazilian cut bottom was highly inappropriate to wear in public”. So, in return for that wonderful comment, I made him go swimsuit shopping with me. He may hate going to 17 stores in a row, but the man has amazing taste. He can put outfits together like it’s nobody’s business. I often wonder/worry about him. Finally, we came across SwimSpot and found interchangeable separates from Splendid. I’m completely obsessed! Their website even has aBikini Builder where you can mix and match the pieces!