Splurge vs Save: Maternity Wear According to Me & My Friends.


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Facebook has always been a love hate relationship for me, but pregnancy has turned it into pure pure love. Nothing gets a village of women together like helping one of their own through the swamp of questions that come from pregnancy. From crib mattresses to maternity wear, I have turned to the good ole Facebook status update and been blessed with an overwhelming response. 

After reading through everyones advice, I felt like I needed to organize it in a way that was easy to refer to... and then I decided I should do that here. Share the wisdom of my village. 

So, here we start with Maternity Wear. The hilarious topic I genuinely thought I might be able to avoid. I work from home, so how hard could it really be to stretch my baggy wardrobe through a few months. I mean what's a baby? 6-8 pounds? HA! THAT'S HILARIOUS BARELY PREGNANT CANDACE. SO CUTE! I'm 21 weeks in, and I tried to wear jeans on date night a few weekends ago and almost cried. I had purchased one of those handy little jean button adapters, but about 5 minutes into our car ride I realized those are a joke on skinny jeans. It was time. I went home and ordered my first maternity item... AG skinny jeans. Whether it was the best first purchase... we will get to that.

Words from my wise village...

Splurge on the maternity jeans. Save on the tops. 

Where to look on every budget... 

ASOS: Oh how I wish you had a store location. Possibly one in Nassau, Bahamas? ASOS has some ADORABLE maternity wear that will make you want to get pregnant if you aren't, but since I'm 5 feet tall, I get nervous. I'll be ordering this dress for sure because I feel like I will definitely live in it. 

GAP: With all of their 40% off sales, you can't lose on this one. I live in GAP intimates, so I'll be heading here for larger sports bras and some GAP Body basics when the next sale comes around. Plus, I have been drooling over their baby girl clothes (my first order has arrived!!) so I can do it all in one swoop. 

J.Crew: People keep recommending J.Crew to me, but I only see denim on their site. Am I blind? 

Shopbop: My advice? Shop here if there's a sale or a special occasion. I feel like the prices are a little high for my taste in temporary clothing, but of course they have some gorgeous classic options. With the holidays coming up, I can see grabbing something special just as I would any other year. This is a great option for maternity jeans as well. That's a definite splurge situation and they have a great range of brands.  I'll take their HATCH items if anyone is in the gifting spirit.

Storq: This site excites me. There's a bundle of basics to wear in multiple ways; a cotton black dress, a black cotton pencil skirt, a white tank top, and a set of black leggings. And a bundle of intimates. There's also the option to buy the items a la carte as well. I'm going to do a little more research on the company, but if you have used it LET ME KNOW! 

Target: The leggings here are ALL THE RAGE. Everyone suggests them. Everyone loves them. I've bought 2 pairs so far. This is most honestly what I'll be living in other than sweatpants, so I better keep those squats up. No one needs to see huge belly and a saggy bottom in spandex. Do yourself a favor and go get some.

Old Navy: This one comes up A LOT in the blogosphere. Old Navy can be hit or miss for me with sizing so it will be a fun game of ordering and returning, but I've heard their little dresses are adorable and their basics are perfect for the purpose. There is one downstairs from the short term apartment I'll be living in when I'm 9 months preggers so I plan on hitting that joint up when I can no longer think about squeezing into things.

A Pea in The Pod: This is for that denim splurge I mentioned previously. I walked into A Pea in the Pod and choked on how pricey everything was. I can't I'm sorry. It's 6 months of my life.. Maybe a few months post-pardum. God willingly I will reuse them with our second love bug... but still, my shopping theory has always been to divide the cost of the item by how many times you will wear it, so I guess I'll be sleeping in my AG Secret Belly Fit jeans. Yes, they are super cute. Yes, they are possibly more comfortable than my non-maternity AG jeans, BUT. And here's the big old but... The Secret Belly Fit drives me up the wall. One... is too hot to have something across your stomach so I fold it down. Two... the jeans continuously slip down my body and I am constantly pulling them up because of the lack of a real waist band. IF I purchase another pair of jeans during this situation, I will be getting a pair with those little elastic insert panels near the pocket. I feel like those will be more productive and easier to continue to use after pregnancy. 

What are your Maternity favorites?

How did you (literally) stretch your wardrobe for baby bump?

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