St Pattys Day Casual

As you get older, you still want to take part in the fun of St Patrick's Day. Wear green or get pinched. I'm in. I get it. But you still want to feel like yourself and not a costume version. (Halloween is a totally different story.) I love to wear neutral versions of holiday colors to work or lunch so that I don't feel like I'm screaming "I'm Festive and FUN!"

Some times you find a piece of clothing that feels like pajamas, makes you smile like you are 3, and has pockets. (This was the criteria for my wedding dress as well. I succeeded.) That some times is right now. Me. And this RVCA dress. I have been wearing this outfit more than should be acceptable. It doesn't hurt that the first time I wore this particular dress, the cashier at Publix in Tampa told me I looked adorable. This dress is an olive green and I think it goes with just about everything. It's a must pack for my up coming trips, and I figure if I ever get preggers it'll make great maternity wear. See planning ahead!

The necklaces have also been a situation is which I might as well just not take them off. 

Im thinking I might order this dress in another color since It doubles as a beach cover up, a sundress, and I even think it scute with heels. But should I get Blue or Grey? These are they questions that take me months to decide on. 


( + My Lilli and Tori Necklace )