Standing on the side of the road...

Every once in a while, when you force your husband to be your personal photographer, he'll come up with a brain child and you just have to go with it. Lucky for me, J's brain children are usually pretty cool. (Although sometimes I do have to remind him that I am not Beyonce, and as much as he thinks I might look like super model, I'm not. So we need to keep the high fashion editorials to a minimum.) J really wanted to shoot on this road over on the back side of the island. So we stopped by one day, and tested it out. I think they came out pretty cool. I was just really nervous about getting hit by a car. We drive on the left here, and while it looks like an empty road it's one of the maybe 3 roads on the island that you can get up to about 60mph+. Every where else has round a bouts, so you never go very fast, therefore people aren't great at driving at high speeds, and they definitely aren't looking for a blog photo shoot on the side of the road. 

The outfit is comfy one, and minus the boots is well under $100. The skirt was one of my Forever21 big sale buys, and the crop top is from H&M. I had been on the hunt for a white long sleeved crop top for under my overalls, but I love how it works with high waisted skirts as well. Adds a bit of ease and cool to an otherwise neutral outfit. 

Similar Crop Top // Similar Skirt // Frye Boots 

Rings from Monc Boutique in Miami, FL