Summer Skin by Rodan + Fields

Here's a little secret you might not know about me... I battle with acne. 

For years my skin would break out in major, and painful ways. I tried everything! From every product you can think of, to celebrity dermatologists. Nothing helped. It would either get worse, or would slightly clear up, but would make my face so dry that it would crack. Literally crack. And when I would use anything to gently exfoliate, my skin would go absolutely insane and the breakouts would triple. I would make up major excuses, but the truth was I just couldn't figure it out and I was getting desperate.

Until last year.

Last year a friend of mine introduced me to Rodan + Fields. It literally changed my life. I used to put makeup on on family vacations to go to the beach or the pool. I would NEVER let people see me without at least foundation, and tinted moisturizers were a joke to me. They didn't even begin to cover all of the blemishes on my face. I even refused to wear lipstick or earrings. Seriously. I didn't want any attention drawn to my face. It took my fiancé, 3 years to see me in earrings! But about a week or two into using Rodan + Fields, my skin changed. I use the Unblemish, and I couldn't imagine life with out it.  I live in the Caribbean, so heavy makeup looks and feels ridiculous. Now, if I even wear makeup during the day, I use a super light BB cream with SPF (Boscia), a tad bit of blush, AND if I'm feeling crazy: lipstick! Thats all.  If any.

Thank goodness I got it all under control before I moved. 

My sister uses Rodan + Fields, as well. She doesn't battle with acne, but instead loves how Rodan + Fields Reverse has cured her sun damage spots over the past year. Once her sun spots were gone, she switched to Soothe just to keep the goodness going. This week, she took the leap and became a consultant. I am so excited about this! We both love the products, and results, so much that we wanted to spread the word. We waited over a year before having her join the Rodan + Fields team, because we both wanted to 100%  believe in the products before discussing them with others. When it comes to clothes, accessories, and shoes... its all fun. No one gets hurt. But skin, especially when we are facing issues and insecurities, is a sensitive subject. I would never want anyone to feel the frustration and, honestly, pain that I felt when struggling with acne. 

Check out Rodan + Fields. I swear to you that you will love it, and never look back.

Spring is here! So put your best face forward. Because confidence never goes out of style.

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The first photo is one day in, and next to it is just a few weeks later. 

Rodan Fields Before After UnBlemish 1

My skin now.. completely un-retouched. (Excuse my squinty eyes, the sun was uber bright!)

Candace Marie Celmer Rodan Fields Closeup After