Summer Sunscreens!

Hi my name is Candace, and I burn like a mofo. 

And by burn, I mean the glorious sunshine can make me look like I have been boiled in a pot of hot water like a baby lobster. Just ask my elementary school teachers. 

I grew up in Miami, FL where most people don't think about sunscreen. Espescially in the 80's and 90's. So a day at a friends house would ultimately turn into 3rd degree burns on my shoulders and nose. So now, in my :::cough late cough:: twenties. I have become a sunscreen junkie. I don't leave the house with out sunscreen on at least my face and neck. And I always opt for beauty balms that contain sunscreen (My go to right now is by Josie Maran). At a later date, I'll make a list of my favorite sun safe beauty products, but today, as you plan your weekend at the beach or by the pool, I wanted to share my favorite body sunscreens. Ranging from light sprays to a thick zinc, these sunscreen will have you covered. I mix and match between them, but they are all in my drawer. Yes, I have a drawer of sunscreen. 

1-4 are Coppertone must haves. In fact, the Coppertone Sheer line is just genius. You can where this sunscreen everyday with out ever feeling sticky, but it is still enough coverage for a day at the pool. I usually do an all over spray with the sheer, and then use the creme form to make sure gentle places, like my neck and chest are extra covered. 

Blue Lizard was actually introduced to be by a dermatologist on a work trip. The sunscreens packaging actually changes colors, letting you know when you should have sunscreen on. Yes, the packaging reads the UVs and tells you, even if it's overcast if you should have protection on. Blue Lizard is a much thicker sunscreen, but it is sure to keep you, and your bambinos, free of burns. AND it's chemical, fragrance, and paraben free! Whoot Whoot!

SuperGoop is my luxe option! (I know. I'm so fancy.) Before moving to Nassau, I had a slight panic attack about how my skin was going to react to constant sun exposure. And while I knew about Blue Lizard, I was on the hunt for all of the best sunscreens. Sephora offered me SuperGoop. While the spray can doesn't last very long, they have a creme option a large 18oz container that is perfect for under your sink. I love the texture on SuperGoop, and I trust that it's working. And they just released this serum option, which I just put in an order for. 

What are your sunscreen favorites?!

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