Summer Wedding Guest

Weddings, Weddings, and more Weddings. It seems you hit a certain age and your mailbox becomes full of two things: Bills and Wedding Invitations. So, what do you wear to a someone elses’ wedding? I have a few rules I try to follow…
1) No white, off-white, or anything close to what the bride will be wearing. I know this is difficult. Because you think wedding, you think white, lace, angelic. This one is definitely the hardest one for me, but it’s not your day, so, find a picnic to wear that white eyelet dress to.
2) No Neons! I know its in this season. And, trust me, I love a great neon pink. But you should not be the one drawing the eyes in the photos. Have fun with colors but don’t be like a light bulb in the room.
3) Think Middle School Dress code. That doesn’t mean you can do strapless. But the hem should reach your finger tips when you put your arms down straight to your sides.
4) Be Flirty, but put away the Ta-Ta’s. Seriously, I have been at weddings where the topic of conversation turns to some girls boobs being inappropriately displayed. Doesn’t mean you have to dress like a nun, just know your body and your audience.
5) Have Fun! Weddings are such a fun time to get pretty. Especially, around your friends and family. So, have fun. And make sure you can dance in it!!
Here are a few of the dresses I have in mind for our Summer Wedding calendar:

1. ASOS Mint Tulip Dress 2. Lily Pulitzer Felicity Dress 3. Lily Pulitzer Lottie Dress 4. ASOS Tulip Zip Back Dress 5. Theory Jersey Dress 6. BCBGeneration Jersey Dress   7. Lily Pulitzer Julianna Dress