WIW : Sunday Errands

It has been a while since J and I have been able to run errands in the US together. The wedding made life absolutely crazy, and J hasn't been back to The States since. But this weekend we decided to get away from the rock and be a part of the American social economy. (We did a lot of window shopping as well.) There is something about coming back to the excess that makes our eyes big with child like wonder. Enjoying the chilled weather of Tampa was an added plus. I was able to wear jeans AND a leather jacket.

It was like all my dreams had come true. 

We stopped into Starbucks for a holiday red cup and a warm beverage, and then wandered the isles of IKEA. We stopped at Target, Petco, and the grocery store as well. It. Was. Amazing. We bought a bunch of cat stuff, because we have become those people. And we love it. 

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