Sunday Shorts + Ray-Ban Giveaway!

When I came across these Old Navy shorts, I knew we were going to be friends. Pajamas I can wear in public. Yes, please. I always over size myself when I'm shopping online so these are a tad bit baggy, but they feel incredible. I have big plans to order another pair soon. I have my eyes on the blue and white striped pair.. a size down of course. My mom got me this amazing gold tote a while back and while I usually use it for travel, I loved that it added a touch of fancy to my simple OOTD. 

When you can run around on Sundays with a super casual outfit, you are that much closer to heaven, but what I love possibly as much or even more, is a great pair of sunglasses. Sunglasses are vital. They need to fit your face and look chic. Ray-Bans are absolute classics. When Sunglasses Shop reached out to me, these Cat Ray-Bans stopped me in my tracks. Sure I could go with a classic aviator, but these felt richer. I have been wearing them every day, giving my other sunnies a break. I love them SO much that Sunglasses Shop has offered to host a giveaway for my lovely readers. You can enter to win a pair of Ray-Bans (your choice!) by entering below. I'm so excited for you! Everyone needs a good pair of sunglasses... even 3 or 4 pairs.