Sunny Day Casual

If you checked out my Shopular post this week, you know how much I love a good lazy day outfit. And not just on Sundays. I lead a casual life, but I don't think that means you needs to sacrifice your sense of style. Fashion can feel out of reach, but style is for everyone. And to me style is being comfortable in your skin. Doesn't matter what you are wearing. 

I got this GAP dress last Summer and I wear it whenever I'm running to the store and hate the idea of pants. So, regularly. But these Old Navy flats are a new purchase. I need to cut those little elastic tabs off! I totally forgot until I was posting these photos. Whoops! I love that they have rose gold heels. 

My jewelry is all thanks to RocksBox. I love this idea, but I have a feeling it's going to get me to buy things. Haha! When I first got the box, I thought my favorite piece was this killer bracelet. But I haven't taken the Gorjana necklace off in days. I will be purchasing it for sure. I love that I was able to try it out, and then get it at a discounted price. Such an awesome idea. An added bonus for this necklace... I have CRAZY sensitive skin that burns or blisters within minutes of fake jewelry. This necklace is so well price and it doesn't bother me at all it's 18k gold platted. Use the code msmariexoxo for your first month on FREE!

Sunglasses c/o

PS how cute is my husband's reflection in my Sunnies?