Sweater Bump

This TopShop Maternity Sweater is perfection. I know I'll be able to wear is postpartum and that makes it worth the money. It's cozy and I can throw it on with everything from jeans to shorts. Living in LA my favorite outfit was skinny jeans, boots, and a sweater. I can't wait to get back to that uniform next December. Oh cool air... I miss you!

These are my only maternity jeans. They are the AG Adriano Goldschmied Skinny Ankle Maternity Jeans. It was a bold splurge and with less than 9 weeks left, I am seriously hoping I can make it through with just these guys. To be completely honest, it doesn't feel like I'm going to. Leggings might be my only pant options for a few weeks. (Oh jeez!) My leg size hasn't really changed but I can tell my hips are shifting. Without a waistband maternity belly band jeans tend to slide down your booty as you walk. So I end up continually pulling my pants up. Which looks ridiculous.

At 31+ weeks this baby girl moves all day long and any form of waist band is just not her favorite thing. I understand now why pregnant ladies love a good dress. I do have to say that throwing on some jewelry and a reasonable heel helps. I spend more time than I would like to admit in "lounge wear", so when I brave the world, I like to feel like a lady.

What was your go to outfit in your 3rd trimester?

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