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Spring may have just sprung, but it already feels a bit like summer here in The Bahamas!

This Easter weekend, after church, we took to the beach. I was lucky enough to get some amazing new swim gear from, so I took this as an opportunity to share my favorite new pieces. 

I have been hunting for a rash guard, and I love this one. While I have seen pricer ones that are absolutely fantastic, like this Tory Burch one. This Volcom one was on sale for an amazing price, and it's so unbelievably comfortable. I like that the one sleeve is so colorful that I can pair it with almost any suit. In fact, lately I love the more mismatched the better look. Something about living on the water makes you feel a little more authentic when you look like you just grabbed any top and bottom out of the drawer. Which is exactly what I do at this point. 

The bottoms are Maaji. They make my absolute favorite bathing suits because not only are they insanely comfortable and lay well over my usual muffin top, but the bottoms and even some of the tops are reversible. Making that whole "grabbed whatever look" that much easier and multiply the amount of looks you can accomplish with fewer pieces. Plus all of their prints are so cute. I love that this bottom in particular is SO different on each side. One side it has nice earthy colors and little fish, and the other side is radiant orchid deer! I mean, hello, I love you. And yes, I did go turn my bikini bottoms inside out so I could show you both prints. Don't Judge. is debuting their new Style Gallery at the end of the month. So you can show them how you are using your new summer swim looks as well! Upload photos of you in their gear to the gallery, and put the link in the comments below!

Top (Aqua Reef) // Bottom // Rash Guard // Sunnies

**Bottoms and Rash Guard c/o SwimOutlet