T-Shirt and Jeans on a Long Weekend

J and I were headed to the grocery store and I made him stop and take pictures. So glamorous. I know. But...  I always get all dolled up for the blog, but after sharing my day date photos last week, I felt so much more comfortable just sharing day to day. We swung by the back of a local restaurant and snapped a few pictures.

This t-shirt is crazy soft. It's from 9th & Elm and I'm kind of obsessed. Plus, I love that it says Star, Stripes, and Whiskey. It really feels like I'm rep-ing the home team in it. There's something about living over seas that makes you hold on to all of the little things you can. (I'm loving 9th & Elm!)

These jeans are my FAVORITE. They are AG Stevie's and the only jeans I have ever put on that fit my length. This is because they are supposed to be ankle cut, and I'm sure they are short on most people. But they feel like jammies and I love it. I should buy another

The kicks are obviously converse. I have 2 pairs of white classics, one for the dirt and one stays white. I love converse so much. They never go out of style and they feel right with everything. I'm considering buying some Adidas Superstars, but I might just buy another pair of white converse. Cause I'm crazy like that.

Oh, and the necklace is BaubleBar! I love it. I'm wearing it basically daily.