#TBTHalloweenHowTo: Alice

You'll Need:

A White Apron // A 50's Blue Dress (Adored Vintage has some incredible ones!) // A Petticoat // White Tights // A Black Silk Hair Bow // Key or Clock Necklace // Black Mary Janes 

This one is pretty easy and doesn't require much DIY-ing, just a little vision.

When I did Alice, I had found a light blue gingham dress at the Melrose Trading Post in Los Angeles. Our group had been talking about doing a group Halloween costume since it was our last Halloween in LA, and our friend Chris was in town. He is just as in to Halloween as me, so a themed party was a must. (In fact he is in the background of most of my costume pictures, now that I think about it.) The apron I found was also from thrifting, and was perfect but really long. I took it to the tailor to get it hemmed to the right length. My Mary Janes were actually from Target in 2007. I had bought them to wear as part of my front desk uniform at the Beverly Hilton, and they are the most comfortable and perfect mary janes of all time. I wish I had bought 3 pairs. Mixing in things you have with new pieces allows you to spend money were it's needed and still save. I loved this costume. It was so fun to wear and I felt like a little girl in it. I just wanted to plop down everywhere and twirl. I can see me repeating it one day. Although the idea of repeating costumes hurts me inside a little. 

**Don't forget your petticoat! They make a huge difference in turn a dress into a costume.

** For the hair bow, I used a silk black ribbon one of my friends gave me and tied it to a thin stretchy workout head band. One less thing to buy and it worked perfectly!