#TBTHalloweenHowTo: Jem*

What you'll need to get Truly Outrageous as Jem*:

Pink Sequin Dress by Kami Shade // Pink Heels // Silver Fringe Belt

Earrings // Tights // Hair Spray // Body Glitter // Hair Bow // Eye Flashes

**Or you can make the glitter tights your self by following this awesome DIY


Jem* was a costume I wanted to do for years. My sister was Jem* for Hallowen when she was 5 or 6 and it was the coolest thing ever. I had actually bought this Kami Shade dress a year or two before I even dressed as Jem* knowing one day it would happen. Thankfully Kami Shade has a TON of sequin dresses, and I can't imagine a dress more perfect for Jem* than this one. Definitely check her out for all of your sequined dreams. 

For Make-up I went to Sephora and raided their neon colors! I went with a YSL Creme Blush Fuchsia and Yellow because it was the best pigment. It was pricey, but I still have them to use for Halloween costumes and make up for years to come. ( I'm thinking of doing a Jem* make-up tutorial because I really loved my makeup compared to some of the ones of youtube.) And the Eye Flashes by Mily are just incredible for Halloween make up in general. They were the perfect touch for a cartoon glam look. 

The belt shown above is perfect for Jem* if you just trim it. I would put it on and mark where you want the angle to start from. Then, I would have a friend gently trim the fringe little by little in front of mirror. I would do this while it's on because the stretch in the waist band, and your booty, will dictate how much of an angle you really want. Remember to start long! If you don't trust your friends put it on them, or on a chair, and trim it yourself. I had my belt made using a cheap silver fringe scarf, a piece of silver leather, and some blue sequin trim. My seamstress made the belt with Velcro attachments instead of buttons so I can use it again even with a weight change. I'm obsessed with it. 

The amount of body glitter and hair spray was almost traumatic. More so for my husband than for me. Our bathroom had glitter in it for years. It was ridiculous. I suggest spraying yourself in your yard or in the shower for easy clean up. Because of how dark my hair was at the time, I believe I used 12 cans of glitter pink hair spray. No Joke. J had to go out to Claire's and get me more spray mid getting ready. I don't suggest doing that, my scalp hated it. But it was cute. 

This costume was an absolute favorite of mine, but my husband and I still laugh when we talk about it. Getting the glitter out of my hair that night was a circus show. I was genuinely concerned I was going to have to shave my head. Next time I'll go with a wig. Or just dye my hair pink. Much, much easier. 

A close up on the Make-up!

(I was not kidding around with that glitter.)