#TBTHalloweenHowTo: Pretty Woman Costume

When I first started FromCtoC, I posted my Halloweens Past for inspiration. But with Halloween around the corner, I'm going to tell you how to actually get those looks. This is a big deal. I am SERIOUS about Halloween and rarely even share my ideas before game day, but I love you, and you've been kind to me. So, as our first #TBTHalloweenHowTo I'm breaking down how to achieve my Pretty Woman costume. Get out your scissors and your gloves, because that dress doesn't exist.

It's time to DIY! (DIY info is below with supplies and instructions!)


Boots // American Apparel Ribbed Dress // Purse (I used my mom's old Dooney Burke) // Oversized Blazer

Safety Pins // Earrings // Gold Condom Wrapper ( For in your boot, duh!) // Bangles 

Necklace Ideas: 1 // 2 // 3 // 4

**Remember to check your local thrift store and eBay for these pieces! She wasn't ballin', she was a hoe, some wear and tear works! The fun is in the hunt!


As for the DIY! Head over to your local CVS or craft store and pick up a bottle of blue Rit dye. You will only be dying the bottom part of the dress, so make sure you cut carefully! I bought 2 dresses when I did this just in case. (And kept the tags on the back up dress!) I do not own a sewing machine, so I used sew-less hemming tape and ironed all of my edges. 

DIY Needs:

Circular Rings (I used light weight shower curtain rings. You can use hoop earrings? Get creative!) // Rit Dye in Blue or Navy // Your Ribbed Cotton Dress // A Bucket // Gloves! // Sew-less Hem Tape // Needle and Thread

  • Wash and dry Dress #1
  • Put the dress ON YOUR BODY inside out and use a pen to trace where you will be cutting the dress. Remembering to leave room for the hem tape. You can always cut more! 
  • Take the dress off and lay it on the floor flat. 
  • Being generous with that hem tape space, cut the sides out of the dress. Leaving the middle strips.
  • Try the dress on again
  • Take the dress off and snip the middle strips. 
  • Take the bottom portion of the dress and tie it up with rubber bands.
  • Follow the directions on the Dye bottle to achieve desired color.
  • Wash the bottom of the dress to rinse off the extra dye.
  • Inside out. Lay the pieces on the floor. Grab the hem tape, needle and thread, and your rings. If you are craftier than me, you can sew this part. 
  • Start ironing the hem lines that surround your stomach.
  • Place the rings in the front and back middle strips of the dress. Fold the strip of fabric towards you (remember the dress is inside out) over the rings, and use a needle and thread to add a light stitch. These have weight, so adding a stitch helps to insure you won't fall apart at your party. 
  • Turn the dress back to right side out and try that baby on!

I know these are vague instructions, but feel free to ask me any questions in the comments below! This dress is going to be short, as a courtesy to your friends and family, I suggest booty short underwear or shorts. Just because you are in a hooker costume doesn't mean you need to go full hoe.